GEMÜ Code 19 membrane

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The GEMÜ membrane code 19 is a one-piece peroxide cross-linked EPDM membrane that was developed for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications as well as for the food and beverage industry. The membrane has a better setting behavior and less signs of wear, which enables high switching cycles and thus an increased service life. The GEMÜ EPDM membrane code 19 is suitable for use with abrasive media. The diaphragm is compounded especially for GEMÜ and manufactured within the GEMÜ Group.

  • Reinforced with fabric (MG 10 to MG 100)

  • Little signs of wear and tear and optimized setting behavior

  • High performance through improved positioning of the fabric insert

  • Significantly reduced adhesive behavior (no adhesions on the valve seat) of the membrane due to new material compounding

  • High tightness values ​​and low deformation by steam

GEMÜ Code 19 Specifications:

  • Maximum Temperature (C)

  • Minimum Temperature (C)

  • max Sterilization temperature (C)