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GEMÜ Code 52 membrane

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The GEMÜ diaphragms code 5A / 52 consist of a PTFE shield and a peroxide cross-linked EPDM back, which are firmly connected to one another (fully laminated). The PTFE used is a chemically modified second generation PTFE, the so-called TFM ™. The membranes combine all the advantages of the material PTFE and the flexibility of an elastomer membrane. In order to optimize the overall system, both the PTFE shield and the membrane back are compounded for GEMÜ and manufactured within the GEMÜ Group.

  • EPDM backing reinforced with fabric (MG 25 to MG 100)

  • Easy installation with vulcanized rubber pin (GEMÜ code 5A for MG 8)

  • Simple and defined assembly through vulcanized threaded pin with integrated screw-in stop (GEMÜ code 52 for MG 10 to MG 100)

GEMÜ Code 52 Specifications:

  • Maximum Temperature (C)

  • Minimum Temperature (C)

  • Pressure Nominal to (bar)

  • max Sterilization temperature (C)