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M-block stainless steel

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Conventional weldments

Even today, more than 20 years after the introduction of the first M blocks on the market, complex processes are still implemented, often using complex welded structures. The valves, fittings and pipe components used for this require a large amount of space, a great deal of assembly and welding work on site and lead to a corresponding validation effort. Not to mention a high hold-up volume and large dead spaces in compliance with the traditional 6D or 3D rules.

GEMÜ solution for safe operation and high-quality products

In order to make processes more reliable, to increase the availability of the systems and to reduce the life cycle costs of a system as part of a total cost of ownership (TCO) concept, over the years GEMÜ has developed over 400 different designs and thousands of customer-specific variants of multi-way Valve blocks have been realized.

Consulting, engineering, manufacturing expertise

We support our customers as early as the project planning stage with ideas and initial drafts. We then implement the design in the 3D CAD system and coordinate it closely with the respective customer. The jointly developed solution is then processed in our powerful machine park. Every year, several thousand blocks from 0.1 kg to 500 kg in weight are produced on the multi-axis machining centers.

Conventional design 8 welds or 4 welds

  • Worked from one block of material -> no internal weld seams, fewer fittings and fewer weld seams due to several valve seats in one unit

  • individual customer-specific design

  • Integration of valve, measurement and control technology in one unit; suitable for modular system concepts

  • Works certificate, tool certificate, acceptance test certificate 3.1, acceptance test certificate 3.2 available on request

  • Emptying and dead space optimized construction (low residual volume, small wetted area, minimal dead spaces)