M-block plastic

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Light, little space required, quickly installed and multifunctional - these requirements play an increasingly important role for system components.

Conventional system design: lots of fittings and pipes

Complex functionalities in the control of liquids, gases and steam are usually carried out today via many individual valves. These are connected to one another via as many fittings and pipes. However, this requires a lot of space and the assembly is complex due to a significantly higher number of individual parts. At the same time, every assembly point and pipe connection is a potential leakage point that could limit operational safety.

New approach for multifunctional, space-saving and modular systems

Compact multi-way valve blocks made of plastic are ideal components here. They are space-saving and take on various functions. GEMÜ engineers and application technicians are now transferring the experience gained in the implementation of thousands of multi-way valve blocks for the pharmaceutical industry to plastic valve blocks for the classic industrial sector.

  • Individual customer-specific design and flexible design

  • Very compact design / made from a block of material with several valve seats

  • Fewer fittings, weld seams or glue points -> fewer potential leakage points

  • Less assembly and installation effort

  • Low hold-up volume, low wetted area