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High purity plastic

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Fully integrated system solutions from the iComLine product range combine valve functions, fittings, sensors, check valves, and container and housing walls.

Process reliability with high requirements

High switching cycles and a long service life with highly pure or aggressive media: These are customer requirements that GEMÜ is responding to with valve blocks from the iComLine series. Five million qualified switching cycles (!) Enable maintenance-friendly, safe operation of the pneumatic drives at up to six bar. Due to the design and material, the shut-off and control of the media flow is possible without any impairments even with very fast switching cycles and at temperatures of up to 150 ° C. The use of an innovative pre-tensioning element also ensures the tightness to the outside, even with temperature fluctuations and setting effects, which can occur with plastic parts under extreme operating conditions.

Precise control and regulation - also for dosing tasks

Depending on the application, the seat diaphragm technology from GEMÜ offers a different, in some cases significantly superior, performance profile for dosing tasks compared to both hose pinch valves and conventional diaphragm valves. The one-piece PTFE membrane is pressed linearly onto the seat during the closing process, for example, and thus has a minimal contact surface with the valve body.

In addition to classic open / close controls, the iComLine product range can also be used to implement controls with parabolic or linear characteristics. The corresponding control cones are calculated and implemented on a customer-specific basis. Non-return valves and sensors such as pressure and temperature sensors as well as filter housing screw connections can also be integrated into the multi-way valve block.

Modular multi-way valve block system

With the modular multi-way valves, several valve blocks are connected via threaded rods outside the area in contact with the medium to form a manifold. In direct comparison to valve blocks made from a machined body, this results in material and cost advantages. In addition, warehousing can be operated more efficiently and effectively, especially if the design also implements different expansion stages that are always based on the same variants.

  • Customer-specific design: assemblies and accessories that can be integrated with individual design

  • Flexibility: common connection types can be supplied, different drive sizes can be combined; in addition to the valve body material PTFE also available in all other cutting materials on request

  • Product safety: Less risk of leakage through manufacture from a semi-finished product

  • Minimal contamination: clean room production according to SEMI F 57

  • Small space requirement due to compact design