Hi-Force SLV122 hydraulic pump

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The SLV range has been designed for precise lifting and lowering of heavy loads using multiple synchronised hydraulic cylinders. The system comprises of a heavy duty three phase electric motor, operator control panel to monitor up to 32 channels and a robust framework for transportation and storage of the entire system.

The SLV allows control from 8 to 32 lifting points and the system can be adapted to suit customer's special lifting requirements. Customised systems can also be tailored for unique application requirements.

  • High efficiency three phase variable speed drive motor

  • Two stage pump delivering up to 19.6L in low pressure and up to 4.8L at 700 bar with option of reducing the flow rate using the variable speed drive controller

  • Selection of outlet valves with single or double acting controls on each outlet

  • 700 bar pressure transducers fitted as standard on each outlet

  • Reservoir capacity of 200 and 400 litres

SLV122 Specifications:

  • Nominal voltage (V)

  • phase

  • Oil capacity (liter)

  • First stage maximum flow (LPM)

  • Second stage maximum flow (LPM)

  • Number of outlets