Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator

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Wire mesh demisters are widely used when is required to separate liquid droplets from a gas flowrate.

This kind of separators are made by an alveolar structure of wire mesh obtained by the superposition of different layers of tubular sock. This sock is woven with very thin wires (usually with a diameter smaller than 0.3 mm) which allows a structure with high free volume (usually > 95%), a wide active surface with a low density of the mesh for material and cost savings.

Wire mesh separators are used for example:

- to purify gasses;

- to eliminate liquids that could damage the production processes;

- to prevent problems to the plant structures;

- to prevent emissions dangerous for the environment;

- to recover expensive liquids

  • Easy installation and moving through manholes and small spaces.

  • High efficiency of the separation process.

  • Low pressure drop.

  • Distillation Columns

  • Lower costs in comparison with other separation methods.

WM Specifications:

  • Void fraction (%)