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GE’s 7HA high efficiency, air cooled gas turbine is an industry leader among HA gas turbine offerings and is available in three models—the 7HA.01 at 290 MW, the 7HA.02 at 384 MW, and the newly-announced 7HA.03 at 430 MW. Whether your power plant operates at baseload or peaking profiles, you can count on GE’s 7HA gas turbine to deliver impressive performance. The economies of scale created by the 7HA gas turbine, combined with its more than 64% combined-cycle efficiency, enables the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity to help power plant operators meet increasingly dynamic power demands.

  • The 7HA suite of gas turbines’ flexibility enables increased dispatch and ancillary revenue, while enhanced fuel flexibility accommodates a wide range of gaseous fuels.

  • The 7HA turbine portfolio facilitates easier installation with 10,000 fewer labor hours compared to F-class turbines.

  • GE’s DLN family (DLN 2/2.6/2.6+/2.6e) of combustion systems enables GE’s F- and H-Class gas turbines to reduce NOx emissions while enabling high plant efficiency plus extending outage intervals.

  • Our HA technology’s accelerated customer acceptance is assisted by Test Stand 7, the industry’s only off-grid, full-speed, full-load test facility for 50 and 60 Hz machines in Greenville, SC (USA).

Heavy-duty gas turbine 7HA.01 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)

  • Fuel

    shale gas, high ethane, H2, diesel, crude oils
  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Ramp-up (MW/min)

  • Efficiency (%)

  • Heat-rate (kJ/kWh)

  • Speed (RPM)

  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s)

  • Exhaust Temperature (C)