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Rechargeable flood light Ultra2

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Working with the Ultra2 means easier and cheaper work: no ATEX transformers, no ATEX extension cables, no dedicated ATEX plugs needed or electrical installation work required.

The lamp can illuminate up to eight hours of temporary work, to illuminate difficult to reach places or to illuminate places, expensive to reach with power cables.

Easy and ready to use for maintenance, cleaning, inspection, installation or construction work or in emergency and calamity cases.

Batteries are maintenance free and have a guaranteed lifetime of 4 years.

No small print: we guarantee that after four years use operating time is still eight hours.

The light flow of 3200 lumen is safe for the eyes: non glaring white LED light, protected by an opal filter, and therefore safe according to IEC 62471

  • Eight hours of full power 3200 lumen, operating time guaranteed 8 hours

  • Extremely light weight and even floats: 5,6 kg.

  • Reliable and extensively tested in the field

  • Largest battery capacity: > 50Ah.

  • ATEX certified zone 1, 2 , 21 and 22

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