Universis Medical Glove

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Universis Glove - Glove Lines

Product lines: Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, Latex gloves and Blanded gloves.

OEM: China, Thailand, Vietnam

Brand: Universis Glove 5Mil, Universis Glove Optimus, Universis Glove Vinyl, Universis Glove Latex.

Manufacturing certificates: ISO-9001 and ISO-13485.

All products have the main certificates for the international market, complying with the standards and tests for FDA, 510K, CE, ISO-EN374, ISO-EN420, ASTM6319, ISO-EN455, MODULE C2, according to category and use.

Utilities: Medicine, dentistry, procedures, pathology laboratory, patient care and food handling.

Payment methods: LC, SBLC or ESCROW.

Incoterm: FOB or CIF landed.

Financing: CIF Landed

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