LandSea RZERON 100 (SUPERNOVA 100) Slickline 0.160

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In addition to excellent mechanical properties, ZERON® 100 (Supernova 100®) slicklines have exceptional resistance to chloride and sulphide stress corrosion cracking, acid corrosion and crevice corrosion making it suitable for a wide range of corrosive sour well environments. Manufactured in Switzerland and certified to 9001: 2008 all Supernova Slicklines are fully traceable, 100% Weld Free, 100% Eddy Current Tested and Wrap Tested. Being the sole exclusive manufacturer of Zeron 100 Slicklines, we are committed to our customers in producing the best qualitied Zeron 100 Slicklines in our Switzerland mill. All are produced with a consistent, tightly controlled surface finish, wire helix and wire cast for optimal spooling and in-service performance.

  • Outstanding resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and sulphide-stress cracking (SSC) in sour-gas conditions

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance under warm seawater conditions, along with superior pitting resistance

  • High break loads with good ductility

  • May be used in temperatures up to 300°C

  • Resistant to SSC in sour, condensed waters with 0.4 bar partial pressure of H2S

ZERON 100 (SUPERNOVA 100) Slickline 0.160 Specifications:

  • Diameter (in)

  • Nominal Break Load (Lbs)

  • Weight (lbs./1,000 ft.)