Ultra3 mobile floodlight

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A lightweight floodlight with a large comfortable grip as a work light. 4100 wide beam light is all you need, a weight of only 5 kg makes it easy to handle on difficult places. It is so light, it even floats.

The mobile floodlight is also electrically completely versatile: it can handle PELV and SELV powersupply, 24-48VAC and DC in 2p or 3p configurations.

The light flow of 4100 lumen is safe for the eyes: non glaring white LED light, protected by an opal filter, and therefore safe according to IEC 62471

The housing is of maintenance free and non rusting inert antistatic polypropylene.

  • Lightweight versatile work light with wide beam and 4100 lumen

  • Extremely light weight and even floats: 5 kg.

  • Reliable and extensively tested in the field.

  • Electrically versatile: everything goes 24V-48VAC and DC, 2p, 3p

  • ATEX certified zone 1, 2 , 21 and 22

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