Electric boiler with built-in tank (50 lt) UKDAX-10EBT

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Electric boiler with built-in tank (50 lt)

Instant and continious hot water with 50 liter enamelled boiler

High efficiency with full modulation operation

Touch operated , easy using stylish control pannel

Can be operated with 3 phase or single phase

Can be identifiable 7 programs as daily or weekly

Can be identifiable different operation temperature for every programme

Unti blockage system for pump and three way valve

Double freezing preventation system

Operation without water security system

Double over pressure security system

Provides hygienic water with anti legionary function

Because DHW has expansion tank, not has water drainage problem

Ready for use hot water within 10 minute

Circulation pump with integrated cycle control

Protection Against to Corrosion with Mg anode

Power setting with 3 level

Overheat security system

Flow control security system

Floor heating (low temperature) and radiastor system

Summer, winter position option

Automatic flaunting purge valve

ErP pump

  • Constant temperature

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