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Special gas
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Oil wells are characterized by the natural presence of gases, methane in particular (APG), which are in a liquid state when mixed with petroleum, becoming gaseous when approaching the surface. APG represents a problem during the extraction of petroleum and also for the environment, because escapes under pressure may saturate the area surrounding the point of extraction. To eliminate the gas, it is often burned off by torch, but it can also present a great opportunity if controlled and managed, particularly its exploitation for the fuelling of cogeneration plants. Methane gas even develops during the extraction of mineral carbon, which for reasons of safety and for the economic opportunity created can be advantageously used through cogeneration. Likewise, methane is present in coal mines, both as a free gas or as gas absorbed on the inner surface of the carboniferous rock and the surrounding rocks. The ECOMAX® Special Gas range is therefore highly benefcial: both the heat and the electricity produced can be used for the needs of the extraction sites. Excess electricity, on the other hand, can be sold to the grid
  • The point of reference for plants which use gas recovered during oil extraction or from processes using coal

  • Cogeneration plants can be powered by gas recovered during oil extraction and coal processing.

  • In the first case, these are gas naturally present in oil wells. Gas is predominantly composed by methane, which is also known as “associated oil gas” or “APG” which is in liquid form when is mixed with oil.

  • In the second case, it is predominantly methane gas produced during coal mining. It is extracted from the mine to make mining operation safer and prevent uncontrolled leaks into the atmosphere.