AMCO Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling System

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AMCO provides extensive engineering, manufacturing, and application knowledge of Inlet direct spray cooling systems for the gas turbine industry. AMCO has thousands of high-pressure systems in a variety of industrial applications and is a world leader in the industry. The AMCO Direct Spray Inlet Cooling System consists of one or more positive displacement pumps that pressurize demineralized water to 3,000 psi. The pressurized water is fed into a series of seamless stainless steel headers connected to stainless steel nozzle manifolds, typically located immediately downstream of the high efficiency filters. Specialized AMCO nozzles atomize the pressured water into ultra-fine droplets that evaporate quickly and efficiently even in the most humid conditions.

  • 100% Evaporation Efficiency

  • Easy to Install

  • Low Capital Cost

  • Low Inlet Pressure Drop

  • Efficient and Durable