Buffalo Turbine Cyclone Diesel Debris Blowers

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The Cyclone Diesel Debris Blower is the first diesel engine driven debris blower on the market. The Cyclone Diesel features a 3-cylinder liquid cooled Kohler Diesel Engine, up to twice the engine length can be expected when compared to gasoline engine of the same hp. The Diesel Debris Blower features two 6 gallon fuel tanks for added run-time.

  • Kohler KWC 1003 3-cylinder liquid cooled Kohler Diesel Engine

  • 360 degree nozzle rotation

  • Nozzle Options for specific applications

  • Heavy-duty frame construction

  • Easily converted into a skid-mount

Cyclone Diesel Debris Blowers Specifications:

  • Maximum Speed (rpm)

  • max height (mm)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (liter)

  • max length (mm)

  • max width (mm)

  • Engine Type

    Kohler 3-cylinder diesel engine