Buffalo Turbine Cyclone BT-CPTO Debris Blowers

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The Cyclone PTO is the industries first turbine style PTO driven debris blower. The Cyclone PTO requires only 20 hp at the PTO, making this machine practical for most medium to large size tractors. The Cyclone PTO has a direct-drive gear box, greatly reducing daily / weekly maintenance at a weight of only 250 pounds. The Cyclone PTO has the performance of the Cyclone KB4 without an additional engine to service.

  • 360 degree 12v nozzle rotation from operators position

  • Nozzle Options for specific applications

  • Heavy-duty frame construction

  • Direct-Drive gear box for minimal maintenance

  • 1-piece impact resistance polymer nozzle

Cyclone BT-CPTO Debris Blowers Specifications:

  • Maximum Speed (rpm)

  • max height (mm)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • max length (mm)

  • max width (mm)