Buffalo Turbine V10 Debris Blower

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In 1996, Buffalo Turbine revolutionized the debris blower market by introducing the first tow-behind, self-contained debris blower. Over the last 20 years Buffalo Turbine has become the industry leader in innovation and design. We offer a complete line of debris blowers for various applications. Utilizing the same turbine style design since 1945, Buffalo Turbine is able to provide a product that has been industry proven for more than 70 years. When you decide on a Buffalo Turbine Debris blower, you have decided on experience, knowledge and dependability. You have decided on the best!

  • High Powered, Ambient Air Debris Blower

  • Gasoline Fueled V10 Engine

  • Save Time & Money

V10 Debris Blower Specifications:

  • Maximum Speed (rpm)

  • max height (mm)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (liter)

  • max length (mm)

  • max width (mm)