AMCO-4272 Two Bed Ion Exchange system -American Moistening Company (AMCO) | Linquip
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Two Bed Deionization is a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins which provides ion exchange site for the replacement of the mineral salts in water with water forming H+ and OH- ions. Because the majority of water impurities are dissolved salts, deionization produces a high purity water that is generally similar to distilled water, and this process is quick and without scale buildup.

Ion exchange effectively removes more than 90 percent of barium, cadmium, chromium (III), silver, radium, nitrites, selenium, arsenic (V), chromium (VI), and nitrate.

Ion exchange is usually the best choice for small systems that need to remove radionuclides.

  • Ion exchange process, like reverse osmosis, can be used with fluctuating flow rates.

  • Effluent contamination is virtually impossible.

  • Large variety of specific resins are available from suppliers. Each resin is effective in removing specific contaminants.

AMCO-4272 Specifications:

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Width (in)

  • Height (in)

  • Length (in)

  • TANK SIZE (in)

    42 x 72
  • Tank volume (ft3)