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AMCO Space Humidifier

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Digital control and display panel

Recommended for areas too small to install a full system

Will cover up to 2,500 - 3,500 square feet in most applications

Air and Water Pressure regulator valve included

Two sizes: 24 or 36 pounds of water per hour (11 or 16 litres/hr)

Connects to 24V DC, 120V, 230V

3/8" air and water supply line fittings

Operates on 30-psi compressed air

Can be used with regular potable water

Four Stainless Steel Atomizers

  • Improves Quality Control by controlling humidity levels within ±2%

  • Regulated Air and Water Controls use fewer wearable parts

  • Stainless Steel Atomizers are self-cleaning: years of dependable service and "no clog" operation

  • Digital humidistat provides greater accuracy

  • Semi-portable: small size and light weight

Space Humidifier Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)

  • length (mm)

  • Air flow rate (m3/hr)

  • width (mm)

  • height (mm)

  • Max steam output (kg/h)

  • capacity (l/h)