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MAP2 - MAS2 - MAC2
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MAP2, MAS2 and MAC2 are Faber-Com's single axis electronic manipulators.
Respectively available with PWM, voltage (also in Danfoss ratiometric configuration) and CAN bus outputs, these joysticks can be with spring return or mechanical clutch.

All manipulators have an integrated serial port that allows to connect the device directly to a PC: the program (called "SepSim") is provided free of charge.

MAP2, MAS2 and MAC2 joysticks can have a simple knob handle or a finger joystick.

For special applications in high-salinity environments, a special marine version is available.
  • Available with PWM, voltage or CAN bus outputs

  • Integrated serial port for programming

  • With spring return or mechanical friction

  • With simple knob or in finger joystick version

  • Marine version available on request

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