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Mehrer Compression TVB 900 1-stage, double-acting

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Compressors in the TVx 900 model series are available in single-, two- and three-stage designs. A booster version is also available in this series. Compressors in this series are used in the process gas industry. They are developed to compress technically complex gases reliably.

  • 100 % oil-free compression without the use of filters, Water-cooled

  • Low maintenance, Durable

  • Efficient, Robust

  • API oriented

  • Risk assessment according to DIN EN ISO 12100

TVB 900 1-stage, double-acting Specifications:

  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)

  • Max number of stages

  • Power (kW)

  • Max Speed (rpm)

  • Stroke volume per 1 crank revolution (ccm)