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Load limiter for cranes

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CLG are Faber-Com's load limiter devices whose measurement is based on 1 or 2 pressure transducers:

- CLG-SL is the standard version, using one transducer installed in the first boom (piston bottom side of cylinder)

- CLG-D is the differential version, which relies on two 4-20 mA transducers mounted on the piston bottom side and on piston rod side of cylinder.

Our CLG kits are supplied complete with wiring and all required components, so it is a solution suitable also for retrofit applications and safety upgrades of machines.

  • Prevents overturning and/or overloading of the crane

  • Suitable also for retrofit applications

  • Complete with wiring, emergency stop buttons and all required components

  • Easy calibration thanks to dedicated programming keyboard

  • According to EN 954-1 Safety Standards: Category 2

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