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The PTX42 joins the PTX40 and PTX44 as another option for installing fiber optic, electrical, gas, water and irrigation services for underground utility contractors, municipalities and landscaping professionals. The PTX42 offers walk-beside, pivoting hand controls, allowing operation from either side of the machine to help enable operators with precise handling. With a variety of versatile attachments, three traction options and other recognizable, reliable features included across the PTX lineup, the PTX42 is designed to give operators more options and help maximize productivity for plowing and trenching applications. Vermeer has you covered with utility versatility!

  • The PTX42 has a 12 gal (45.4 L) fuel tank that offers longer operation time between refills to keep your operation moving forward efficiently.

  • The PTX42 plow/trencher offers walk-beside hand controls that pivot from side to side of the machine for convenient operation and to maneuver around potential obstacles or congested spaces on a jobsite.

  • The PTX42 has a variety of versatile attachment options, including a backhoe, trencher, plow, porta bore and two reel carriers. Select the right attachment that best fits the needs of your operation and jobsite.

  • The electronic control allows for convenient setting of the creep speed to help optimize performance on longer distance installations, allowing productivity while helping to reduce operator fatigue, whether trenching or plowing.

  • For varying ground conditions, choose from tires or tracks - the PTX42 offers a 23 in (58.4 cm) foam-filled tire option, while the slightly larger 26 in (66 cm) air-filled tires can help with traction.

PTX42 Specifications:

  • Width (m)

  • Rated Power (kW)

  • Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (Liter)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Liter)