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The XTS1250 has added intelligent features such as onboard diagnostics and other productivity features including EcoIdle™ engine control system and Productivity Zone can help you through harsh ground conditions and tough installs. Plus, with an optional climate-controlled cab for operator comfort, and an optional remote control to help perform maintenance, as well as trailer loading and unloading, the XTS1250i2 helps create a more comfortable, convenient and productive jobsite.

  • The XTS1250i2 helps optimize productivity with classic and newly added intelligent features such as EcoIdle™ engine control system and Productivity Zone.

  • Utilize an optional remote control for convenient maintenance and trailer loading and unloading.

  • Stay in-sync with, and get optimal productivity out of, your machine by adding Vermeer telematics to this tractor.

  • Four independent steel tracks can offer enhanced flotation and traction with four-wheel and crab steering options.

  • The XTS1250i2 boasts a quiet ride, convenient controls and an isolated, cushioned operator's platform. An optional all-new climate-controlled cab is also available.

XTS1250I2 Specifications:

  • Width (m)

  • Rated Power (kW)

  • Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (Liter)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Liter)