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Following the reliability and productivity of the PD10 pile driver with seated operator’s station, Vermeer developed the PD10R pile driver. The PD10R has been specifically designed to be operated by a full-function wireless remote, allowing an operator to solely handle most machine functions - including engagement of the hammer, pile accuracy with the auto plumb feature, and ground drive - while remaining off the machine.

  • Control machine functions, including hammer engagement, pile accuracy using the auto plumb feature and ground drive via wireless remote control.

  • An optional laser receiver integrated into the control system and a GPS-compatible design (capable of accepting compatible third-party systems) can help improve productivity.

  • Using the auto plumb feature, the PD10R can set the mast to be vertical without any manual adjustment by the operator. Featuring a hammer which has high impact energy, cycle times have been reduced.

  • Move from pile to pile quickly and accurately with an effi cient ground drive, reducing cycle time.

  • The PD10R features a wide track pad to minimize jobsite disturbance in widely varying ground conditions.

PD10R Specifications:

  • Rated Power (kW)

  • Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (Liter)

  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Liter)