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Rakhoh Solid Fuel BI-Drum boiler

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Single pass in line boiler bank tube arrangement eliminates eddies resulting minimum erosion & ensure low flue gas velocity with Submerged ash handling unit arrangment.

  • Highly efficient drum, eliminate internal fouling of superheater.

  • Low fuel gas velocity across pressure parts reduces erosion resulting in an improved life of the heating surface.

  • Craftsmanship welding quality.

  • Multifuel firing option. Compact, economical & enviroment friendly design.

  • Most suitable for power generation projects.

Rakhoh Solid Fuel BI-Drum boiler Specifications:

  • Fuel

    Wood,Coal,Briquettes,groundnut,bailed bagasse,palm shell, coconut shell,cotton waste,biomass fuel
  • Pressure (bar)

  • Max. temperature (C)

  • Series

  • Minimum Capacity (Actual Steam Output) kg/hr

  • Maximum Capacity (Actual Steam Output) kg/hr