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Green Mobility Chargers for E-Bus GMC.igbt

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Borri’s IGBT opportunity chargers allow the charging of electric bus fleets while at bus stops or turnaround points. Borri GMC.igbt offers clean, efficient powerful charging results in ultra short charging times and keeps your electric bus running all day.

Short charging sessions allow no scheduled disruptions to bus routes, optimizing operations and uptime. Borri GMC.igbt is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution to meet future implementation.

The system is fully scalable and with a protection degree up to IP 54 enclosure for indoor or outdoor installations. Borri’s 85 years of experience in industrial chargers and UPSs guarantee the highest reliability keeping your fleets’ battery charged at all times.

Chargers can be connected to CCS-plug and or to pantographs.

  • IGBT technology for clean efficient power.

  • High efficiency >98% with sleep mode.

  • Low THDi < 3%.

  • Input PF > 0.99.

  • Ultra-fast charging.