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Static Frequency Converter 100-2000 kVA Ingenio SFC

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Borri range of Static Frequency Converters are designed and built for the harshest conditions and to provide high reliable power supply converting 50 Hz supply to 60 Hz equipment and to different voltages.

Using state-of-the-art IGBT technology with DSP (Digital Signal Processors) controls we convert the input AC power through a IGBT PFC sine-wave rectifier to DC and then to an AC sine-wave IGBT inverter to produce a full sine-wave output at the new frequency and voltage.

The system is fully scalable and with a protection degree up to IP 54 enclosure for indoor or outdoor installations. Borri’s 85 years of experience in industrial chargers and UPSs guarantee the highest reliability keeping your fleets’ battery charged at all times.

Chargers can be connected to CCS-plug and or to pantographs.

  • Proven advanced IGBT technology.

  • Compact design, high power density.

  • No moving elements - low maintenance.

  • High reliability and availability.

  • Precise output frequency generation.