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Schurco Slurry H Series High-Head Slurry Pump

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Extremely robust metal-lined pump for high-head and series applications including long distance hydrotransport and filter press applications. Extensive exterior ribbing allows for higher heads to be reached with a single pump, and bulked up wet end parts handle the toughest applications in the field today. High impeller aspect ratios allow the pumps to deliver higher pressures at lower pump RPM’s to increase wear and service life in the toughest applications.

  • • Extra-thick liners and impeller shrouds for maximum wear life

  • • Balanced efficiency and wear life for applications with highly abrasive material

  • • Zero leakage pumping available with Schurco Expeller Seals that do not require seal water

  • Diverse range of metallurgical materials for all wear components to maximize operational life in abrasive or corrosive slurries

  • Oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wetend contribute to long life and reliability from drive-end in the field

H Series High-Head Slurry Pump Specifications:

  • Max head (m)

  • Max. discharge size (mm)

  • Max flow (m3/h)

  • Min. discharge size (mm)


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