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Schurco Slurry V Series Vertical Slurry Pump

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Schurco Slurry V Series vertical slurry pumps are ideal for a variety of submerged suction pumping applications.

These pumps operate well in a variety of sump conditions, and can also be readily applied on floating dewatering or other floating pump platforms. As a true cantilevered vertical slurry pump, the V Series does not have submerged bearings or seals; thus, eliminating the primary failure mechanism for similarly fielded pump lines.

Vertical pumps from Schurco not only provide excellent wear life properties, they also operate efficiently to further reduce operating costs. These vertical slurry pumps can be fully elastomer lined or hard metal fitted. There are no submerged bearings or packing with a unique high capacity double suction design. Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator are available. The innovative product design and widely configurable range help our customers reduce costs.

  • Balanced efficiency and wear life for applications with highly abrasive material; can pump up to 60% (w/w) solids

  • Cantilevered depth to 12 ft (3600 mm) with suction extension pipe

  • Heavy-duty open style impellers draw suction from top and bottom balancing the load and delivering smooth vibration free operation

  • Torque-flow/recessed impellers available, allowing passage of large solids with minimal particle contact

  • Due to lack of lower seal the pump has a dry-running capability (“snore” mode)

V Series Vertical Slurry Pump Specifications:

  • Max head (m)

  • Max. discharge size (mm)

  • Max flow (m3/h)

  • Min. discharge size (mm)


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