GE-Alstom Steam Turbines STF15S

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Alstom has offered several series and models of steam turbines for the industrial process and power generation markets for combined-cycle operation. All machines use several modules of varying sizes to produce the power and steam output required. Blades are typically made from single-piece forgings. The HP turbine shafts are also made from solid, single-piece forgings, while LP turbine shafts are composed of three forged-steel discs welded together with integrated coupling sections. Single-shell, axial symmetric cases are used for HP sections. They are split horizontally along the turbine axis and bolted together with expansion bolts. The STF15S is a two-casing steam turbine with an HPT and IPT/LPT, and an axial condenser. It also has an air-cooled generator for 60-Hz operation

  • Shrink ring design

  • Welded turbine rotors

  • Single bearing design

  • Separate HP and iP turbine modules

  • Designed for efficiency and to reduce costs

STF15S Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure (bar)
    120 - 175
  • Reheat steam temperature (°C)
    535 - 565
  • Reheat steam pressure (bar)
    25 - 45
  • Condensing pressure (bar)
    0.05 - 0.2
  • Power Range (MW)
    120 - 175
  • Inlet temperature (°C)
    535 - 565
  • Frequency (Hz)
General Electric (GE Power)


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