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ATB Hydro generator
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Wolong and the ATB Group benefit from many years of experience in product design and manufacture for a wide range of markets and applications. Pooling this collective knowledge through our integrated and collaborative continuous development programmes the group delivers incremental and step change leading to innovative solutions for the success of tomorrow.
  • The ATB Group achieves flexibility through continuous investment in modern production facilities and implementation of lean production systems.

  • we have a broad range of testing facilities that allow us to measure all electrical and mechanical parameters plus noise, temperature rise and EMC compliance.

  • certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

ATB Hydro generator Specifications:

  • Power (MVA)

  • Degree of protection

    Safe Area
  • Cooling method

    on demand
  • Temperature class
  • IP (ingress protection)
    IP 56
  • Temperature class

  • IP (ingress protection)

    IP 56
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