Industrial Disc Coupling SU Type-size 110-60

The SU Type coupling has a single flex plane with two hubs and a single disc pack. It is suitable for angular and axial misalignment only. Two SU couplings are often combined with a shaft to make a floating shaft coupling. The shaft can be hollow for long light weight floating shaft couplings

  • ATEX Certified

  • Larger sizes are available upon request

  • No wearing parts and high resistance to harsh environmental conditions

  • No need for lubrication or maintenance

  • Torsionally rigid without any back lash

SU Type-size 110-60 Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)
  • Max Speed-Bal (RPM)
  • Max Speed-Unbal (rpm)
  • Max Speed-Bal (RPM)
  • Maximum Misalignment-Axial (±delta Ka) (mm)
  • Max Bore (mm)
  • Maximum Torque (Nm)
Lovejoy, Inc. (A Timken Brand)

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