Coupling DIR & DILR Type (Drop-In Spacer) -size132-6

The DILR and DILRA Type coupling are a direct replacement for a floating shaft style gear coupling. The DILR/DILRA is designed to utilize the hubs already on the customer’s equipment. The DILR drop in replacement will be manufactured slightly shorter that the DBFF and shims will be used for ease of maintenance. The DILRA is adjustable using an SLD (Shaft Locking Device) to make axial or length adjustments. Customers with multiple pieces of equipment with similar length couplings can stock one spare spacer that can be used as a replacement for more than one coupling.If the end user requires rigid hubs be provided with the coupling, a DIR or DIRA Type coupling will be recommended and the BSE (distance Between Shaft Ends) must be specified

  • Direct Replacement for floating shafts in flanged series gear couplings

  • No need for lubrication or maintenance

  • Can utilize existing rigid Flanged Gear hubs or custom paper machine hub

  • Can be inspected while in operation

  • Can run at higher speeds than floating shaft gear couplings

DIR & DILR Type (Drop-In Spacer) -size132-6 Specifications:

  • Max Speed-Bal (RPM)
  • Maximum Misalignment-Axial (±delta Ka) (mm)
  • Maximum Torque (Nm)
Lovejoy, Inc. (A Timken Brand)

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