Backward Curved (BC) fan N63-25061 (60Hz)

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Backward Curved Impellers handle high static pressure applications the best. They are compact and energy efficient, a good choice to reduce handling and operating costs. Rosenberg backward curved fans are available in sizes from 225 to 710 mm with static pressure up to 9" and maximum airflow of 11,000 CFM. Ecofit backward curved fans range in size from 133 to 315 mm featuring polyamide or steel impellers, up to 1,060 CFM airflow and static pressure up to 3.2”.

Temperature: -40 to 70°C

  • ROSENBERG EKHR 250-2SW.060

N63-25061 (60Hz) Specifications:

  • Speed (RPM)
  • Configuration
  • power (hp)
  • Flow (m^3 /h )
  • MAX. pressure (mbar)
Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH

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