High-performance universal joint shafts E-Series

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Designed for high-performance drives with max­imum torques

E Series universal joint shafts are intended for high-performance drives with max­imum torques. The principal features of this series are very high torque capacity and increased bearing life.

In comparison with the other series, E Series joints have the greatest torque cap­acity. A high-performance universal joint shaft can be equipped with an E joint at both ends or one E joint can be combined with a CH joint. An E universal joint shaft transmits a torque up to 20% greater than a CH universal joint shaft with the same joint diameter. The E Series is ideal if installation space is limited.

Our engineers will design a complete drive solution just for you. This means you get engineering and products from a single source: universal joint shafts, connection components and shaft support systems. This saves time and money when building your machine or system.

  • High torque capacity is possible even at large deflection angles.

  • Optimization of all components results in the withstanding of high static and dynamic loads.

  • Combined radial and axial bearings form a single unit (cartridge bearing).

  • Roller bearings can be replaced individually, and journal crosses can be reused.

  • Reduced energy consumption results in cost savings, as well as lower CO2 emissions for environmental benefits.

E-Series Specifications:

  • Torques with a single load
    up to 13,620 kNm
  • Torques with a reversing load
    up to 9,380 kNm
  • Deflection angle
    up to 10°
  • Rotation diameter of the joints
    580 mm to 1,220 mm
  • Connections
    Flanges with face key, Flanges with Hirth coupling, Quick-release couplings, Connection components for rolling mills (wobblers), Adapters

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