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Turbo gear units integral gear unit

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Core unit for highly efficient compressor systems Integrally geared compressors have now established themselves in the process industry due to the lower space requirement and the higher total efficiency of the compressor package. It is precisely in air separation, oil and natural gas processing, and the general chemical industry, that new solutions and designs are being sought. Voith as supplier of the ‘core unit’ of an integrally geared compressor is developing and offering this expertise together with its customers. Tailor-made to the relevant application and customer specification, integral gear units are designed and manufactured with up to 10 compressor stages, total unit weights of up to 70 tonnes, and gear pitch wheel diameters measuring over 3 meters. Gear ratios of up to 25:1 have been achieved thus far. The gear set is typically designed with single helical toothing and thrust collars.
  • highly customized gear box solutions according to the operator’s technical needs

  • highest reliability ensures availability of the drive train – even for critical applications

  • reduced operating costs and CO2 emissions

  • enables low vibration values of overcritical rotors

  • extensive experience in rotordynamic analysis

Turbo gear units integral gear unit Specifications:

  • Housing Design

    cast, welded
  • Toothing

    single-helical with thrust collar (standard), single-helical with separate axial bearing
  • Maximum Torque (Nm)

  • Maximum Gear Ratio

  • Maximum Power (kW)

  • Maximum Efficiency