Turbo couplings for ship propulsion Fill-controlled coupling

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The fill-controlled coupling dampens torsional vibrations, impacts and shock loads that are caused by the motor and propeller thereby increasing the service life of all drive components. Fill-controlled couplings differ from constand-filled couplings in that the filling level facilitates further control of the torque (e.g., for running slowly). When emptied completely, the torque transmission of the fluid coupling from the engine to the driven machine is decoupled (hydrodynamic clutching function). With multi-motor drives, the Voith fluid coupling ensures automatic load sharing. The different operating states of the ship (e.g., when docking, or sailing on the open sea) makes switching the motors on and off necessary. The Voith fluid couplings types TP, DTPK and TPZS are fill-controlled ship drive couplings.

  • Load-free motor/engine run-up

  • Smooth start-up

  • Protects the drive chain

  • Dampens torsional vibration

  • Hydrodynamic clutching function

Fill-controlled coupling Specifications:

  • Maximum Power (kW)
  • Minimum Power (kW)
  • Maximum Size (mm)
  • Minimum Sizes (mm)

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