Regenerative Blower LAMSON TurboTron TurboTron- half flow (2000 rpm)

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Installed as a blower or exhauster, the LAMSON TurboTron™ Regenerative unit features a revolutionary impeller design, achieving multistage compression with a single impeller. This unique design and proven dependability make this blower/vacuum ideal for the most demanding applications

  • LAMSON TurboTron™ is practically maintenance free with only one moving part and no timing gears.

  • specifically designed to provide continuous flow, pulse-free air, while delivering quiet and clean vacuum

  • packaged in various pre-engineered "TurboPak" systems and are available as belt driven, direct driven, overhung, VFD variable speed configurations

TurboTron- half flow (2000 rpm) Specifications:

  • Flow (m^3 /h )
  • Noise level (db(A))
  • Max Speed (rpm)
  • Max. Power (kW)
  • air
  • vacuum (mbar)
  • MAX. pressure (mbar)
  • electric power required for MAX. pressure (HP)
Gardner Denver Industrials Group

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