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Velan Triple offset 2.0 Butterfly valve

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Velan’s Torqseal® 2.0 triple offset valve is engineered to deliver repeatable full bi-directional zero leakage, lower torques and superior fugitive emissions performance.Offering a bi-directional zero leakage closure with a metal-to-metal seat, the Torqseal® triple offset valve is the right solution when a tight seal is required.The Torqseal® 2.0 uses triple offset geometry to ensure that the sealing ring contacts the body seat at the final shut-off position, without rubbing or galling. The Torqseal® 2.0 newly optimized fit-to-body offsets reduce operating torques requirements.
  • The Torqseal’s all metal construction results in an inherently fire-safe design that can stand up to the most demanding services

  • The Torqseal® advanced design features a triple eccentricity and unique elliptical seat geometry, that allows for friction free, non-rubbing operation of the valve during all the valve travel.

  • The Torqseal® triple offset valve’s conical cone-in-cone seating results in a non-rubbing and repeatable sealing and ensures little to no wear on the sealing components

Velan Triple offset 2.0 Butterfly valve Specifications:

  • Maximum Temperature (C)

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Pressure Nominal from (bar)

  • Pressure Nominal to (bar)

  • Class from

  • Class to

  • NPS from

  • NPS to

  • Connection Type

    Lug, Double flanged (short and long) pattern, Butt weld
  • Design standard
    API 598 resilient seat standard,API 641/ ISO FE standards, B16.34,
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