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Powell valves Gate Valve Class 200 - 600

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DESIGN FEATURES: • Seat face: Ground and lapped to a smooth finish. • Flexible Wedge with low center stem –wedge contact. Wedge is ground and lapped to a smooth finish and closely guided to prevent dragging and seat damage. • Non-rotating stem with precision ACME threads and burnished finish. Double ACME threads for faster operation. • Body and bonnet joint accurately machined. • Each valve is shell, seat and backseat pressure tested. • Valves are available with socket weld ends. • Yoke bushing can be lubricated to minimize friction and prolong life of the stem. • Body and bonnet castings are precision machined. • Gland has two-piece construction for easy alignment. • Valves are specially cleaned and processed for oxygen or cryogenic service and are then sealed to prevent contamination. • Bonnet chamber ventilation, in order to prevent excess pressure build up caused by trapped cryogenic liquids, is available upon request. • Each valve has a unique certification number that is traceable to the valve certification sheet which includes MTR data, pressure test report, inspection report and certificate of conformance. • Other available options as follows: » Alternate valve materials » Alternate trim materials » Non-extended design » Other options available as specified
  • Bolted Bonnet

  • Threaded or Socket Weld Ends

  • Cast Stainless Steel

Powell valves Gate Valve Class 200 - 600 Specifications:

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Class from

  • Class to

  • NPS from

  • NPS to

  • Connection Type

    Threaded or Socket Weld Ends
  • Design standard

    ASME B16.34
  • Body Material

    A351 Gr. CF3M
  • Other parts' material

    Bonnet: A351 Gr. CF8M | Yoke: A351 Gr. CF8M | Wedge: A351 Gr. CF8M | Stem: A276 316