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Hawle 4702E3 long seawater gate valve

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Flanges sized in accordance with EN 1092-2, drilled according to EN 1092-2 | PN 10 standard); EN 1092-2 | PN 16 from DN 200. Double bayonet O-ring carrier is connecting the spindle to the bonnet, allowing a fully encased, uniform epoxy powder coated bonnet for further improved corrosion protection
  • Resilient seated gate valve with smooth straight-through bore

  • Suitable for cleaning with a cleaning pig

  • One extension spindle for several dimensions

  • Suitable for operation by automatic actuators

  • Easy retrofitting of position indicator and automatic actuators on the standard bonnet

Hawle 4702E3 long seawater gate valve Specifications:

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Pressure Nominal from (bar)

  • Pressure Nominal to (bar)

  • Sealing material

  • NPS from

  • NPS to

  • Actuator Type

    automatic actuators
  • Connection Type

  • Design standard

    EN 1171,EN 1074-1,EN 1074-2
  • Flange Standard (Drilling)
    EN 1092-2
  • Body Style
    smooth straight-through bore
  • Body Material
    ductile iron
  • Other parts' material
    Stainless steel spindle St 1.4462 (SS 316),Wiper ring:elastomer,Centering ring:POM,Centering flange gasket:elastomer,Bonnet gasket:NBR,Spindle bearingdezincification resistant brass
  • Media (working fluid)
    seawater,raw water
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