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curtiss wright 374-324 - 3-WAY-VALVE

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Curtiss-Wright Valves Division carries a range of control valves through its product brands; Phönix and Daume Regelarmaturen. The valves have a variety of possible applications including; power plants, petrochemical plants and railway tankers. A Control Valve controls fluid flow by altering the size of the flow passage from a controller, altering the flow rate and the process quantities such as pressure, temperature and liquid level. Amongst those available at Curtiss Wright are
  • Feedwater Control Valves for industrial applications,

  • 3-Way-Valve with encapsulated super-long bellows and emergency gland or with stuffing box seal

  • Oxygen control valves with a straight pattern body suitable for use in steelworks and piping

  • 3-Way-Valve with encupsulated superlong bellows and emergency gland or with stuffing box seal

curtiss wright 374-324 - 3-WAY-VALVE Specifications:

  • Maximum Temperature (C)

  • Minimum Temperature (C)

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Pressure Nominal from (bar)

  • Pressure Nominal to (bar)

  • Class from

  • Class to

  • NPS from

  • NPS to

  • Actuator Type
    Handwheel, Chainwheel, Gear operator, Pneumatic piston actuator, Pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Electric actuator
  • Connection Type
    Flanged ends, Butt welding ends, Socket welding ends, Threaded ends, other connections as required
  • Other parts' material
    Carbon steel, Low temperature carbon steel, High temperature carbon steel, Stainless steel, High temperature stainless steel, High chromium stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Pure nickel, Titanium, Other special alloys
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