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Valmatic Cam-Centric® Plug Valve

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The Cam-Centric® Plug Valve is the solution for systems where slurries, grit or solids are present. The eccentric plug valve is a ¼ turn valve allowing cost effective, low torque actuation for pump control, shut-off and throttling service. Learn more about this plug valve below.
  • Plug - heavy-duty fully rubber encapsulated

  • Welded nickel seat - robotically welded 1/8in thick

  • Grit-Guard™ shaft seals - prevents bearing wear and shaft seizing

  • V-type packing - self adjusting and replaceable while under pressure

  • Stainless steel radial upper and lower bearings - permanently lubricated for extended life

Valmatic Cam-Centric® Plug Valve Specifications:

  • Max. working pressure (bar)

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Class to

  • NPS from

  • NPS to

  • Actuator Type

    Direct Nut, Worm Gear, Cylinder and Electric Actuated
  • Certifications

    NSF/ANSI 372, ISO 9001
  • Connection Type

    Threaded, Flanged, Mechanical Joint
  • Design standard

    ANSI/AWWA C517, ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11
  • Flange Standard (Drilling)
  • Body Material
    ASTM A126 Class B
  • Other parts' material
    radial shaft bearings: self-lubricating Type 316 stainless steel l thrust bearings: PTFE l Cover bolts: corrosion resistant with zinc plating
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