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PSG TIS CC8‑65 ‑ R00 rotary vane pump

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Mouvex® CC8 Series Rotary Vane Pumps are vehicle-mounted solutions for loading and unloading petroleum products for trucks and transports. These pumps are ATEX certified and compact, and feature an integrated by-pass designed to protect against excessive pressures and overheating.
  • Increased safety | Integrated bypass to avoid excess pressure | Unused shaft end is protected by a casing

  • Compatible with diesel, heating oil, petrol, biodiesel paraffin, kerosene, oil heavy fuel and bitumen | Compact size to fit in small, narrow spaces

  • Double-ended shaft facilitates mounting and adapts to the direction of rotation | Broad flow range

  • Quiet operation | Constant flow rate over time

  • Line-stripping capabilities | Flow rates up to 80m3/h (8 bar)

PSG TIS CC8‑65 ‑ R00 rotary vane pump Specifications:

  • Max. Power (kW)

  • Max flow (m3/h)

  • Max Speed (rpm)

  • Max. discharge size (mm)

  • Max. temperature (C)

  • Min. temperature (°C)

  • Differential pressure to (bar)

  • casing material

    cast iron
  • rotor material

    cast iron
  • Displacement (L/r)

  • Max. viscosity (cSt)
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