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WTA® Non-Return Lift Check Valve

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Founded in 1978, WTA®, a Crane ChemPharma & Energy brand, designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality bellows sealed globe valves, strainers, check valves, relief valves, change-over valves and special valves to meet the stringent specifications required by the global chemical and petrochemical industries. Our highlyengineered bellows sealed globe valves are extensively specified and in service worldwide.
  • Metal seat with spring loaded plug; opening pressure approx. 0.2 bar / 2.9 psi.

  • 2-part rising stem with outside rollformed thread; stem coupling with bellows anti-torque device and position indicator

  • Full size safety gland packing made of pure graphite; can also be supplied in PTFE if requested

  • Metal back seat with stroke limiter in open position and bellows anti-vibration device

  • Multiple wall, fully flushed stainless steel bellows, secured against torsion, designed for 10,000 cycles; fully welded

WTA® Non-Return Lift Check Valve Specifications:

  • Body Style

    Straight type, Y-type or corner-type with flanges or buttweld ends
  • Body Material

    Carbon steel 1.0619/WCB, stainless steel 1.4408/CF8M, low temperature carbon steel 1.6220/LCB/LCC