Mobile Gas Turbine TM2500 (Wet)-50Hz

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With more than 20 years of experience and 300 units installed around the world, the TM2500 is a proven solution for providing a baseload bridge to permanent power installations or for generating backup power in the wake of natural disasters, plant shutdowns, grid instability or isolated locations. Get the power you need—fast—with GE's TM2500 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator set. Our mobile solutions—including trailer-mounted gas turbine generator set and containerized balance of plant—can put power on the grid within 30 days of contract signature.

  • One of the world’s most modular, reliable, and experienced mobile gas turbines

  • The TM2500 can operate on a wide variety of fuels including gas, LPG and/or distillate liquid fuel.

  • With installation and commissioning in as few as 11 days, a TM2500 can help you respond quickly to emergency situations—or help generate back up power during natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns or grid instability.

  • With 37% efficiency (higher than most grids), and the ability to add 34-37MW of power as your need increases, the TM2500 can grow as you need it to.

  • The TM2500 has more than 300 units deployed worldwide and over 6 million hours of operating experience.

TM2500 (Wet)-50Hz Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Natural Gas
  • Ramp-up (MW/min)
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Heat-rate (kJ/kWh)
  • Power (kW)
  • Type
General Electric (GE Power)


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