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CSI Wide-Span Shelving
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CSI provides shelving for almost any application. Stockroom shelving is typically steel shelving. Wide-span shelving is typically considered warehouse shelving racks. Rivet shelving is typically used in distribution and record storage environments. Wire shelving is typically used for medical and clean environments. All of these industrial shelving types are versatile, easy to install, highly configurable, and strong. Our professional personnel can assist you with selection, layout, and configuration based upon your unique application. Wide span shelving is easily accessible. It is quick and easy to assemble. It is also easy to configure and adjust with changing objectives. Wide span shelving is designed to handle loads that normal shelving would struggle with. CSI offers a variety of wide span shelving to meet your unique applications and objectives.

  • Steel Shelving is ideal for stockroom shelving; quickly installed and adjusted

  • Wide-Span Shelving = warehouse shelving racks; high capacity and versatile

  • Rivet Shelving is economical and ideal when lots of storage / staging space is required

  • Wire Shelving minimizes dust collection and is highly durable

  • Industrial shelving can be open or closed, have multiple deck styles

Container Systems CSI Wide-Span Shelving Specifications:

  • Min width (in)

  • Max width (in)

  • Capacity (lbs)

  • Max depth (in)
  • Min depth (in)
  • Max depth (in)

  • Min depth (in)

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