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Craftsman Multi Tier Shelving
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Our Multi tier Shelving systems are ideal when the requirement is for a narrow walkway for lower pick rates and a small number of operators. It is equally efficient when you need a wider walkway for applications that require several picks per day and a larger number of order pickers working with picking carts and hand pallet trucks in the same area.We offer multiple options of perforated embossed catwalk panels, welded gratings, etc depending on the floor loading requirement, and depending on trolley/hand pallet truck movement. The height of our multi tier shelving racks can be adapted to the height of your warehouse maximizing the utilization of vertical space in the warehouse. Each level of shelving racks can be accessed by staircases, walkway mezzanine floors, main aisles or cross aisles, etc., all depending on your needs. As the shelves provide us with direct access to all load units, they are adaptable for any manual loads too.

  • Catwalk panels, and hand rails with kick plates

  • Pre fab Staircases fitted with hand rails

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (Goods Lift) of various sizes,500kg, 1ton, 2ton capacity

  • Inclined Steel Chutes, and spiral conveyors

  • Plastic/ Steel partitions

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